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Legislation & Labelling Check


Our services mainly concern food, but we also deal with baby food, feed, food supplements and cosmetics.

  • Label check for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania
  • Label translation from  English  and French for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania
  • Legislation advice for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania
  • Formulation of nutrition declaration for EU and USA based on our laboratory analyses results


Issuance of certificates of conformity for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania

Evaluation of analyses results

  • Marketability of Fruits and Vegetables in the EU markets regarding residues (MRLs/ARfDs) and active substances approvals, plus active substances local approvals for Greece and Cyprus
  • Opinions on Organic Fruits and Vegetables based on active substances approvals and/or BNN guides
  • Marketability of food, baby food and feed for any analysis that can be evaluated on a legislative basis (contaminants, additives, microbiological criteria etc.) for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania

Our team updates constantly on legislation.



Sampling is extremely important in order to have reliable analysis results. This applies to the majority of the products. Therefore there are specific instructions for numerous of substrates such as soil sampling, plant tissues and water. VELTIA Labs for Life has trained personnel for sampling all kind of substrates.

Sampling focuses mainly in:

  • Drinking Water sampling for microbiological examination according to the regulation.
  • Sampling of wastes for various of parameters (chemical, microbiological, SARS-CoV-2)
  • Food sampling for chemical and microbiological analysis
  • Fruits & Vegetables sampling for pesticides residues analysis
  • Surface sampling (mainly for the touristic sector – hotels, restaurants)

Sampling by VELTIA Labs for Life  team can only take place upon request and scheduling.

Sampling is covered by the scope of our accreditation for the following substrates:

  • Samples from surfaces using swabs and contact plates
  • Potable water, borehole water, seawater
  • Raw and Processed Agricultural Products

Sensory Testing


Sensory Testing started so as to cover the needs of the big retailers and some food industries. VELTIA Labs for Life, Sensory Testing Lab is located in the Headquarters of the company in Thessaloniki and is equipped with 12 separated chambers, one for each tester.


The aim of the laboratory is to measure, analyze and interpret reactions to those characteristics of foods and drinks which are perceived only by human senses such as sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, in order to help our clients create competitive products. Another reason for sensory test is to evaluate the product’s life cycle.


The main organoleptic tests are:

  • Product Preference Classification, where the tester classifies products according to taste, classifying the best as first, then the second best and the worst as the last.
  • Quantitative Descriptive Analysis, where a determination of the intensity of the main sensory characteristics of the samples is made, by using an un-numbered scoring ladder
  • Triangular testing where small differences between the samples are determined, for one or more characteristics.

Tourism & HORECA

VELTIA Labs for Life along with Be Safer have the ability to offer to the Tourism Sector more effective and integrated consultancy and laboratory services. Through the “Tourism Analysis Package Pro (TAPP)”, our cooperation offers to the Hotel and HORECA sectors not only specialized analyses, but personalized programs providing a big advantage for their company.

After years of experience, we are able to provide targeted analyses with just the right frequency.


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