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Laboratorio Kudam obtains Norovirus and Hepatitis A analyses accreditation

Laboratorio Kudam obtains ENAC accreditation for Norovirus and Hepatitis A testing in certain foods and bottled water. Tests are performed using the real-time PCR technique.

Laboratorio Kudam continues its commitment to quality and the continuous improvement of all its analytical services and has therefore extended its ENAC accreditation for the following microbiological tests in food (Exp. No. 324/LE670):

  • Detection of Norovirus GI, Norovirus GII and Hepatitis A in soft fruits, vegetables (stems, leaves and bulbs), bottled water, bivalve molluscs and fruit and vegetable surfaces by PCR.

Noroviruses GI and GII causing gastroenteritis and hepatitis A causing acute hepatitis are the main enteroviruses responsible for collective foodborne diseases. Transmission occurs through human contact, consumption of contaminated food, contact with contaminated water or food surfaces or contact with contaminated materials.

Seafood, leafy green vegetables and red berries are among the food groups most frequently associated with outbreaks of norovirus and hepatitis A, so their detection is very important to ensure the quality and safety of the food we eat.

Viral risk control in the food industry is related to the HAPCC (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) approach in the food chain and is therefore part of the hygiene system that harmonises the level of health safety in Europe. Therefore, real-time PCR assays, which are highly specific, sensitive, rapid and reliable, is the most recommended technique for virus detection under this health alert scenario.

This extension of the scope of accreditation increases the support that Laboratorio Kudam gives to the agri-food industry in its aim to provide consumers with the highest confidence in the safety and food safety of their products.

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